Pensioners will keep their free bus passes under Labour

Free TV licences and bus passes for pensioners will be spared the axe under a Labour government, Ed Miliband will declare in the latest salvo of the battle to win the support of Britain’s OAPs. Labour has already announced plans to strip the winter fuel payment from the wealthiest 5% … [Read More...]

Going Vertical…..Our Next Online Event

There are again signs on the horizon that the next gold bull market may not be far off. On February 11, Bloomberg reported, “Gold producers with cash on hand are on the hunt for cheap mining assets as rising prices drive shares higher.” $2.7 billion in deals have already been … [Read More...]

What’s Driving Performance During This Rally?

The average stock in the S&P 500 fell 2.91% in January, but the average stock is up 5% since then. So which stocks have led the way higher, and which ones are underperforming? Below we have run our decile analysis on the S&P 500 to find out. To run the … [Read More...]

Stocks to own for 2015 and Beyond (SHAK, IRBT, GOOG, DIS, IBB)

A few securities worth considering for the entire year and longer. Biotech, Robotics, Google, Shake Shack, and everything Disney. That is what is going to make money this year and worth your investing dollars. Those equities of choice are Walt Disney Company (DIS), Shake Shack Inc (SHAK), iRobot Corp (IRBT)… [Read More...]

10 Master’s Degrees That Can Actually Pay Off

In the age of Big Data, an advanced degree in mathematics or statistics can mean Big Money. Photo: Ivan T Earning a college degree is usually the best way to guarantee better job prospects and higher pay. You put the work in up front, do your best, and emerge from … [Read More...]

China considers taxing foreign investors for share gains-regulator

China is considering taxing foreign investors for their share-trading profits going back to November when Beijing announced an exemption of such duties after the launch of the Shanghai-Hong Kong connect scheme, the stock regulator said on Friday. China’s two largest portfolio investment schemes for foreigners, known as the … [Read More...]

S&P downgrades Areva debt further into junk status

By Geert De Clercq PARIS (Reuters) – Standard & Poor's cut the credit rating of Areva two notches deeper into non-investment grade status after the French nuclear group posted a record 2014 loss. The rating agency cut Areva's long-term debt to BB- from BB+ with a developing outlook, … [Read More...]

Time Travel via Daylight Saving Time

I was doing a bunch of cartoons about the upcoming ‘spring forward’ time change and thought I’d double check ‘savings’ vs. ‘saving’ just to be safe. Well, lo and behold, I’d been using the apparently incorrect ‘savings’ in every cartoon. Now listen, I know… [Read More...]

Thursday Thrust – Draghi Fires the QE Boosters Again

MORE FREE MONEY!!! Mario ;Draghi (a Goldman employee) ;will discuss his $75Bn/month QE program for the ECB ;this morning and the BOE (another Goldman employee) has already announced they will continue their $35Bn/month QE program while Japan continues their $80Bn/month QE program and our… [Read More...]

The Position of F- You and Financial Independence

In the recent movie The Gambler, a loanshark named Frank explains the Position of F- You to gambler Jim Bennett. (Played by actor John Goodman.) Warning: Lots of explicit language ahead! (Embedded YouTube video above. Direct link.) If you can’t view the video, here is a partial … [Read More...]

Stocks Rebound in Light Turnover; Jobs Data Eyed

For the most part, economic data has not been stellar.  Those who are bearish on this economy continue to point out how we are overvalued on every metric.  Unfortunately for those who continue to fight this market have been bitten pretty hard.  We had a decent rebound after the past … [Read More...]